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senia-finishing-well-in-lifeHello there. I am a person passionately perusing a goal of finishing well in life.

My name is Senia Owensby, I live in North Carolina with my husband Wayne.

How do you picture ‘Finishing Well’ in your own life?  Please share your experiences in finishing well, badly, or somewhere in the middle.

If you have any thoughts, questions or ideas regarding finishing well in life, you can contact me at seniaowensby@gmail.com

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    1. Thanks Cindi! I am still learning how to navigate this site, so I just now came across your comment. Senia

  1. I am so proud to call you my sister. You are one smart cookie. The Lord has Blessed you in so many ways. I love the picture of you. Is the cover picture you and your mother? With all my love and admiration. Cynthia

  2. I don’t remember if I ever told you and Wayne this story of Andy and Justin, so here it goes- I’m at work it’s about 10:00 am or so and I get a phone call. My boss says he thinks it’s my son. Justin was about six years old at the time. He is crying and mad as all get out. I ask what’s wrong and he tells me daddy is sitting on me, make him get off. I ask him to put his father on the phone. I say very gently honey why are you sitting on Justin and he replies back , You asked me to babysit Justin so I am. It brought tears of laughter from me . I said honey thank you for sitting with Justin now please get off him. Thank goodness the phone was close to where he was sitting, I didn’t get off work until noon. It still makes me giggle when I think of this.

  3. While looking for ANYTHING! On line that could help me out with my situation, my mother-in-law was becoming forgetful and this worried us to no end, as you can imagine. We realized that she was getting worse! My wife and I searched through miles of medical jargon and techno-speak. It helped us somewhat understand the medical aspects of my mom’s condition but it didn’t help answer or cope with what was happening in our lives. I found Senia Owensby’s book “Finishing Well finding the joy in dementia” online at Amazon and bought it. Her experiences with her “mama” were amazing. Senia’s folksy writing about coping strategies along with her anecdotal experiences made a huge difference in how my wife and I saw our mom’s illness. We were able turn around our thinking from one of worry and dread to one of living every day with a positive attitude. Now we knew what to expect as Mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed. If you want to know what is right rather than wrong, you should read this book.

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Great starts are easy, the goal is to finish well