Drink up…habits worth brewing

My drinking habits have finally been vindicated! Coffee in the morning (it used to be all day, until I began to experience ‘wakefulness’ at night), and tea in the evening. My favorite blend is decaf Earl Grey and Chamomile with vanilla.

I just finished reading an article  about the health benefits of both coffee and chamomile tea. Yea!

Evefinishing-well-in-life-tean in the warm summer season, my husband and I enjoy our coffee and tea habit. There’s something relaxing about sharing the events of the day while sipping tasty tea from pretty cups with saucers.

When my Mama was just in the early stages of dementia, we used to have coffee in the afternoon as a treat. It became a regular habitl we would sip our coffee and sing songs. I always snuck some chocolate syrup in Daddy’s coffee because he needed to gain some weight and I added a bit of sugar-free creamer to Mama’s coffee since she didn’t.

I rejoiced to read the article, but thought that  a bit of Googling might be in order to see if there were any other studies available that would confirm what I had just read. It turns out that there is finishing-well-in-life-coffeequite a bit of information regarding these beverages.

More welcome news is that the coffee benefits come from both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

NPR reported on a study, published in the journal Circulation,

“The findings, published in the journal Circulation, build on a body of evidence linking a coffee habit to potential health benefits. As we’ve reported, previous research has pointed to a decreased risk of stroke. And, there’s some evidence that a coffee habit cuts the risk of Type 2 diabetes, too.”

As for Chamomile tea, a study published in The Gerontologist  finds that drinking the tea can help older women live longer.

Another Chamomile tea study in ScienceDaily reports that New Evidence Supports Health Benefits
It states that drinking chamomile tea is associated with increased antibacterial activity. This could help explain why the tea appears to boost the immune system and fight infections associated with colds, according to the researchers.

It summarizes the study by stating:
“For centuries, people who’ve felt sick or stressed have tried drinking chamomile tea as a medicinal cure-all. Now, researchers in England have found new evidence that the popular herbal tea may actually help relieve a wide range of health ailments, including colds and menstrual cramps.”

This is supported by yet another study by WebMd that says:

“German chamomile is used and studied the most. A German governmental organization (Commission E) has approved its use on the skin to reduce swelling and fight bacteria and as a tea or dietary supplement for stomach cramps. “finishing-well-in-life-tea2

So, the bottom line here is: If you, or those in your care enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, it’s fine to include it as part of your daily habit. And, as the studies suggest, it can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

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